articles | 25 January 2021

Cyprus UCITS at a Glance

UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) are regulated funds that can be offered to the public at large. These funds can be sold across the EU subject to a brief registration procedure with each country regulator.

UCITS at a Glance

Legal Form

Variable Capital Investment Company (VCIC), Common Fund (CF)

Share Capital Requirements

Third-party Managed €200,000 or €300,000 if self-managed. These requirements apply
to each investment compartment when the UCITS is established as an umbrella fund

Minimum Subscription Amount by Investors

Not Applicable


Stringent rules on EU Directive level regarding use and exposure to leverage

Valuation Frequency

At least every fortnight on the first business day

Redemption Possibility

At the request of the investor on the immediately next redemption day following submission of the redemption request. Defined redemption settlement periods
of no more than four business days

Reporting Requirements

Un-audited report every six months and audited annual report


Possibility of investment compartments, with full segregation and cross-investment allowed. Reduced risk exposure in
light of statutory leverage limits, diversification parameters, transparency and risk management requirements

Cooperation Partners
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